Malcolm Gladwell, Blink

"The information on our face is not just a signal of what is going on inside our mind, in a certain sense, it IS what is going on inside our mind."​

At Cato Solutions, one of our strengths is the understanding of the role that emotion plays in most every decision and action that we make every minute of every day. Our depth of knowledge and experience in working with emotion recogntion technology, and the numerous applications that are possible around it, provides us with a unique perspective and expertise in this growing field.

The unconscious part of our minds drives behavior and initiates the change that marketers seek. Researchers say that over 90% of all consumer behavior is driven by their unconscious minds. We realize this, and can tap into the subconscious mind by measuring the micro-emotions that our software is capable of. In a way, we can tell what a person is feeling before even they do, capturing true subconscious reactions to stimulie before cognitive filters kick in.




 "Much of our even highest cognitive functions do happen non-consciously. It almost seems as if we mainly run non-conscious with only bits and pieces entering the stream of consciousness.
It may be reasonable to believe that around 80 to 90 % of our daily activities are controlled outside our own awareness.”

Peter Walla, University of Newcastle, School of Psychology

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