• David E. Buder

How Using Smirkee Can Brighten Your Mood

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Studies have shown that putting on a smile (even when it's forced) can lead to an almost immediate flood of endorphins to your brain. This endorphin release is actually triggered by the movement of muscles in your face, meaning that it carries this benefit even when your “heart” really isn't in it. Endorphins released by smiling serve to improve your overall happiness and reduce stress by triggering the stress reducing hormone Cortisol. Simply put, endorphins are feel good neurotransmitters, and smiling can give you an extra boost of them when you need them the most. By using Smirkee in “Selfie” mode, the app can measure the level of the Joy emotion that you're showing by smiling, and the bigger the smile, the larger the percentage of the joy emotion is registered. Take a “Smirk” of yourself when you push the Smirk button, and it will instantly take a selfie, along with the level of Joy your face is showing. Test yourself today by trying to get to 100% Joy, and feel better almost instantly. Download Smirkee and try it for yourself – the number one Emotion Recognition Video Chat app on the market!


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